Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By placing ads on the Internet site Datacenter Advertisements entire contents of the same, all text, images (hereinafter referred to as content) are owned by Datacenter Ads (hereinafter: Datacenter Advertisements).

By using the information or other services that are available on this site, you agree to the terms and conditions (hereinafter the terms). Datacenter Advertisements reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions, at any time and without notice.

Knowledge of changing conditions of use can be gained solely and only the occasional visit the Terms and Conditions of Use.


For the use of the site Datacenter Advertisements requires registration, which is completely free.

Registered user who posted the ad has all the rights and obligations arising from the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Serbia.

Natural or legal person can have and use only one registered account.

All content must be in Serbian language and communication with registered users, allowed only a first contact with the seller in your language but if you do not get a response further communication is prohibited.

3. The declaration

The Declaration is a document with details of the producer of the advertising message, as well as data on the advertiser.

According to the Law on Advertising, Article 11, producer of advertisements must submit a declaration with accurate data broadcaster advertisements.

The Declaration guarantees the accuracy of entered data and content of the advertising message. Duly filled declaration is required for the advertising of legal entity or entrepreneur, as well as for private individuals for ads in the following categories:

Treatment products
Services / Consulting / business contacts
Services / Teaching
Services / Child and pet food
Properties for legal persons,
as well as for ads promoting business operations in the which is the subject of advertising sales of products or provision of services.
The advertiser is obliged to correctly fill in all the necessary information related to the declaration.

This information will not be publicly available, and we treat them as confidential in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

The declaration applies to all data changes on advertiser.

In case of changing data, the advertiser is required to bring the change in the profile of the declaration or the revised declaration sent.

4. Content Ad

According to the law on advertising is prohibited any kind of false, upoređujućeg and with the intention of advertising scams that mislead recipients of the advertising message.

The offer should contain only information on the case that is sold or service provided.

Ad Title and description should refer only to the subject of sale or service.

In the title and text of the ad is not allowed to enter the contact telephone number, e-mail, facebook and website addresses with the aim of highlighting the ad.

In the ads is not allowed to use photos with other ad sites or ads from other advertisers on our website.

Listing has its content that belongs to the category in which it is set.

5 Prohibition of advertising

The advertising:

Guns (except sport and trophy)
Tobacco Products
Alcoholic beverages (except wine and beer)
Lawyers and legal services
Drugs, medical devices, methods of traditional and alternative medicine
Pirated copies of products.
Without the declaration:
Treatment products
Services / Consulting / business contacts
Services / Teaching
Services / Child and pet food
Properties for legal entities

advertising that falsely indicates the identity of the advertiser, its activity, product or service;
omission of important data, the use of vague or ambiguous expressions, obsolete or outdated statements or other information that cause misleading of identity of advertiser, his activity, product or service.
Advertising that is a copy of another person, its activities, products or services;
advertising that demeans, suspected or otherwise unworthy way of showing a person's identity, its activities, products or services;
compare the advertiser, its activities, products or services with other advertisers, its activity, product or service at the expense of another, or to gain material benefit;
advertising which is calling for another, his business name, name, trademark, activity, product or service, exploiting the reputation of the other person in a manner that is misleading the recipients of the advertising message.
6. Deletion of ads

Listing can be deleted for the following reasons:

The text of the ad is not in accordance with the advertising and editorial policy Datacenter ads.
Duplicated ad
It is forbidden to repeat several times identical or similar to the ad. Similar ads are those that have the same item sold or the same kind of services.
Improper category
You placed an ad in the category that does not match your ad text. For example, the service you set up in the category of job offer, etc..
You did not provide a declaration / declaration is incomplete
You have set the ad and did not provide a declaration or a declaration is incomplete (missing mandatory information). Unpublished publish ads on receipt of the prescribed declaration.
7th Stop the photos in the ad

With the ad, you can set 3 photos, except that they must only contain the subject of the sale or illustration services that are advertised. It is not allowed publication of photos:

Inappropriate content
That do not match your ad text
With other sites, other print media, or any clearly marked source
From the ads from other advertisers on our website
Photos that contain graphics processing for highlights
Photos containing a web or e-mail address and thanked advertisers.
8th Notification of the email users

Registration, the user agrees to periodically receive promotional e-mails from the company Datacenter ads, as well as to inform about the status of the ad. The user is on the "Settings" in your profile opportunity to cancel receipt of one and / or other e-mails.

9. Use and Data Protection

Datacenter ads are obligated to protect the privacy of personal seller in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

Datacenter ads reserve the right to proofread the content of the ad submitted by the user, without changing the basic meaning, in accordance with the Law on Advertising and adopted rules Datacenter ads.

By using the Site you agree that the data or information submitted by you, are available to anyone interested. Datacenter ads only collect the necessary and basic information about the advertisers, as well as those prescribed by the advertising, to inform users about how to use them and regularly give customers a choice about how their data.

10th allowed only personal use

This site is intended exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. In this sense, it is forbidden to download content, copy, display, reproduce, publish, license, manufacture,

Not abuse any information our advertisers by other legal entities or individuals, in order to offering its services and advertising opportunities through other media.

It is forbidden to any kind of abuse of registration.

Datacenter ads reserve the right to suspend advertising if they determine that the natural person advertised through multiple accounts and

thus more advertising than allowed free ad or to a legal entity registered in the section designated for individuals and as such has published the advertisement.

11. Protection of Copyrights

Information on the site are protected by copyright and related rights and copyright relating to the content of the website, texts, their design, image content, graphics and other accounts belonging Datacenter ads.

The data can be used only in a manner and under conditions stipulated by the terms of use.

12. Accountability

Datacenter ads are not responsible for:

Accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability or availability of the information and material displayed on the site
Deletion, wrong or untimely delivery of any information or content, for errors on the site or for continuous operation of the site.
Any damage resulting from downloading or accessing any content on the Internet, to which were reached through these sites.
By using the websites you accept full responsibility for any damage resulting from information which you have with this site,
For damage caused by downloading files and documents on your computer and for any other type of damage caused by any type of content that you can reach by using this site.
Datacenter ads reserve the right to continue to use the site those users who abused or in any way unauthorized use of this site.
All possible disputes arising from the relationship and for users solve solely between advertisers and users. Datacenter ads are not responsible for damage of any kind incurred as a result of such relations.
For proper or improper use of the site, as well as for possible damage on that basis,
For any damage that the user might experience regular or irregular use of the Site, as well as other information, services, products, advice or products which were reached via links or advertisements on the site, or those that are in any way connected with the site.
For any delay or interruption of the service, which is caused directly or indirectly by the forces of nature or other causes beyond reasonable control, which includes: problems in the functioning of the Internet, computer equipment failures, problems in the functioning of telecommunications equipment and devices, power failures, strikes , strikes, riots, lack of content or manpower, command of state and other organs.
All opinions expressed within the site are not the opinions Datacenter ads, but they're just taking on the site "as is" and their contents are not responsible in any way.
If the user has violated the copyright of a third party, all the client is responsible, and Datacenter ads after receiving notice of possible copyright infringement, remove the indicated content to settle the dispute, on the basis of infringement of any copyright or related rights.
Advertiser who chose not to make public any information that enables personal identification, it does so at their own risk.
13th consent to the terms and conditions of use

Actually using the Site you agree to these conditions and no special consent by the user is not required to make it binding for these conditions.

Knowledge of these Terms and Conditions of use at any time is the obligation of users of the site.