An ad - manual

An ad - manual
First, fill out your profile with complete information to facilitate communication with the other side. If you do not want everyone to fill it up to you, it is desirable to fill the columns of the city for easy location of the ads and faster communication with the other side.
Just put the name of the street if you want, the number is not necessary for the protection of personal data -.ovo is also important because of Google Maps that will help to show the location.
The images can be processed with XnView and Photo Resizer for better presentation of your advertisement.
Maximum file size allowed is 350KB sufficient resolution 1024x800
If you use a picture or video from the Internet you need to specify and emphasize differences to your ad, to publish other people's content, you must have the approval for publication of the notice.
It is not allowed to set up only the pictures or videos from the Internet or from another source, you must paint himself the subject of the ad.
Listing describe it better because a lot of visitors coming through the web browser so that listings of type ,, sale and two other words ,, not worth anything
For better positioning of your ads in the bottom of the form you have the option
SEO Title and description Google
use it for a better position and better description of the ad on the search engine